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Contributions to BBF, related to G.fast

Broadband Forum is a world-wide industry forum to harmonize the way communication technology should interwork with each other. It started as ADSL-Forum (focused on ADSL alone), growed further into the DSL-forum (to cover VDSL and other DSL modems as well), and matured into the BroadBand Forum to cover all aspects of making broadband access networks a success.
Over a period of 7 years (2010-2016), I have contributed several issues to BBF, mainly related to G.fast.

It started in dec 2010 at a BBF conference in San Francisco, where (together with BT) I gave a presentation of 45 minutes about the need for a product to enable the 4th generation of BroadBand (4GBB, up to 1 GB/s). The presentation showed (a) the technical feasibility of using telephony cabling for Gb/s transmission, (b) the techno-economic needs for a hybrid solution between fiber and copper, and (c) urged the need for starting the standardisation of such product in ITU-T. All the thinking about this 4GBB concept was already started in 2008 within the "4GBB Consortium" in Europe, and that why we could bring convincing arguments.

The result of that presentation was that BBF sent out a liason to ITU with a formal request to start the standardisation of a modem that can transport up to 1 GB/s over ordinary telephony wiring. Only two month later (feb 2011) ITU-T-SG15-Q5 started with it under the name "G.fast"

Incubation of G.fast

45 minute pitch for the industry to promote the start of G.fast standardisation

2010Enabling 4GBB via hybrid-FTTH, the missing link in FTTH scenariosBrink / dec 2010

Cable modelling / dual slope effect in FEXT

2013Parametric two-port models for reference loopsBrink, Heuvel, Humphrey, Starr, Cederholm / may 2013
2016Understanding the dual-slope effect in crosstalk (EL-FEXT)Brink / july 2016
2016Modeling the dual-slope behavior of in-quad EL-FEXT in twisted pair quad cablesBrink / july 2016
2016A simplified EL-FEXT model, addressing the dual slope effect and its length-dependency.Brink / july 2016

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