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Contributions to the standardisation of Quantum Technology


  • FGQT, or Focus Group Quantum Technology, is a working group operating within CEN-CENELEC. It started in june 2022, with many European Quantum experts, to prepare for future standardisation of Quantum Technology.
    FGQT is not producing a standard (yet), but will produce a so-called Roadmap document. That document will identify the needs for future standardisation, raises ideas on how to subdivide the broad area of Quantum Technology into smaller chuncks, and will propose a way forward.
  • NEN is the Dutch Standardisation Organisation. Many (start-up) vendors from the Netherlands are working together within NEN to pre-discuss strategies and contributions to CEN-CENELEC.
  • Delft Circuits is a rapid growing start-up company in the Netherlands, creating hardware for Quantum Engineers. The focus is on products related to the Control Highway of a quantum computer.
    Since 2019 I am working as Scientific Advisor within Delft Circuits, and also very active in the standardisation of Quantum Technology.


Since Quantum Technology is a rather new area, and its standardisation has never done before, the creation of a consensus view on how to do that has appeared to be quite challenging. The biggest achievements so far has been reaching consensus on a common structure, and a scientific paper (Towards European Standards for Quantum Technologies), that presents the consensus view and ideas so far. This consensus was the result of long debates and a growing draft of that roadmap document. It is to be published in a special issue of EPJ Quantum Technology.
Currently, work on that Roadmap document is progressing within FGQT, and some day multiple sub working groups will take-over. Each of these groups will be dedicated to the standardisation of some of the identified sub-topics.

The aim is to create a set of standards supporting the idea of a modular quantum computer. Today there is already a whole range of small (start-up) and bigger vendors, producing modules for quantum computers. The vision is that when these product are going to comply with future standards, research teams and vendors all over the world can buy hardware and software modules from which they can assemble a complete quantum computer.

The contributions to FGQT that are written or co-signed by me since the beginning of FGQT are summarized below.

Contributions to FGQT within CEN-CENELEC

Creating a structure for future standardizing Quantum Technology

2020N010 Proposal for TOC on gated quantum computingBrink / july 2020
2020N050a Quantum computing use caseNeumann, Brink, Fratinni, Corsi / dec 2020
2021N058a ToC Quantum Computing HardwareBrink, Rol, Bultink, Bruno, Neumann / jan 2021
2021N074 Changes to quantum computing use caseNeumann, Brink, Fratinni, Corsi / feb 2021
2021N080 NEN press release about FGQTDeventer, Neumann, Brink, Rol / feb 2021
2021N081a Contribution Proposal for terminology in AnnexXRol, Neumann, Bultink, Brink / feb 2021
2021N082a Contribution Proposal overview of concepts in_AnnexXRol, Neumann, Bultink, Brink / feb 2021
2021N107 Photonic architecturesKassenberg, Venderbosch, Brink, Vlothuizen, Bultink, Verhoeff / aug 2021
2021N113a Use case Cloud-based quantum computingNeumann, Amoretti, Venderbosch, Brink / aug 2021
2021N115 Understanding proposal N112Brink / aug 2021
2021N119 Extending the ToC without disruptionBrink / aug 2021
2021N139 Functional description quantum photonic processorKassenberg, Venderbosch, Brink, Neumann / oct 2021
2021N154 Modularity and layering of Quantum Computing Hardware StackBrink, Neumann, Spethmann, Bautista, Monz, Spoerl, Venderbosch, Kassenberg, Wilhelm-Mauch / dec 2021
2022N164 Modularity and layering of software stack (v2)Amoretti, Brink, Deventer, Farrugia, Gramegna, Langer, Manzalini, Martin, Neumann, Papadopoulos, Peev, Spethmann, Wilhem-Mauch / feb 2022
2022N194 Functional Description of the Control HighwayBrink / may 2022


Presentations on Quantum Technology

Presentations to stimulate further cooperation

various Presentations, related to quantum technology

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